Scope and Topics

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IGDSS 2014 features a rich technical programme that spans both research and applied aspects of Glow Discharge Spectroscopy. There will be oral and poster presentations from both international experts and early stage researchers.

The symposium will concentrate on the analysis of solids by  optical emission or  mass spectrometry with Glow Discharge sources. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

•Fundamentals (GD Processes)
•Analytical Methodology
•Depth Profiling , Thin  Films
•Other Applications and Related Fields.

Invited speakers are Steven Ray (USA), Ken Shimizu (Japan) and Rebecca Valledor (Spain).

The Richard Payling Prize will be Awarded by the scientific committee to the best contribution on the topic of Glow Discharge Spectroscopy presented during the symposium.

And of course there will be ample opportunity to meet with people from a global base who share your interest in GDS.