Research Opportunities

Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research
Also known as IFW, this Institute plays a very strong role in GDS research. Their instrumentation and areas of interest are listed here:

Experimental options:

  • Polychromator GDA 650: 120 nm – 550 nm CCD optics
  • Polychromator GDA 750HR, 215 nm – 780 nm CCD optics plus 120 nm – 777 nm PMT optics
  • Monochromator Digikröm DK480, 240 nm – 900 nm PMT optics
  • Echelle spectrometer with CCD detection, 200 nm – 900 nm
  • Continuous and pulsed dc and rf power supplies
  • Profiliometer FRT MicroProf for crater shape and crater volume measurements
  • Acousto-optical imaging spectrometer, 250 nm – 800 nm
  • Microwave discharge
  • Combination of microwave and glow discharge
  • Preparation of sintered samples by hot pressing
Research interest areas:
  • Instrumental developments
  • Fundamental research on analytical glow discharge
  • Applications and quantification

Unfortunately, there are no research positions available at the moment, but if this area is of interest then keep coming back, or look directly at their web site,