Kingston Presentations

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Presentations given at the 2012 Meeting at Kingston-upon-Thames.

Below you will find a list of presentations given at the September 2012  meeting of the EW-GDS held in Kingston-upon-Thames. They are grouped into oral presentations (O1,O2 etc.), Posters (P1, P2 etc.) and Manufacturers’ Presentations (M1,M2 etc.). If the title is seen as a hyperlink then it means that the author has provided a PDF version of the overheads used in the presentation or of the poster for publication on this site. Simply click on the link to see the PDF file.

Oral Presentations

O1: Selective excitation in analytical glow discharges – an overview. Edward B.M. Steers.

O2: An Overview of Recent Glow Discharge Work at Empa. James Whitby, Gerardo Gamez, Deborah Alberts, Philippe Raisin, Damian Frey and Johann Michler

O3: Glow discharge as a tool for the preparation of samples for electron microscopy measurements. Varvara Efimova, Volker Hoffmann, Alexander Kauffmann, Jens Freudenberger

O4: The Evaluation and Characterization of Alternative Gases using Iron and Titanium Reference Materials. DeAnn Barnhart, Glyn Churchill, Karol Putyera

O5: Challenges in GDMS analyses of PV silicon materials. Marisa Di Sabatino, Chiara Modanese, Lars Arnberg

O6: Magnetically boosted radiofrequency glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy. P. Vega, R. Valledor, J. Pisonero, N. Bordel

O7: Characteristics of the New Low-Flow Flat Geometry Glow Discharge Cells for the Nu Astrum GDMS Instruments. Glyn Churchill, DeAnn Barnhart, Karol Putyera

O8: New and Improved Atomic line data for Astrophysical Applications. Florence Liggins and Juliet C. Pickering

O9: Formation of electrical prepeak in pulsed glow discharge via gas heating. Maxim Voronov, Volker Hoffmann

O10: Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry Studies on Some Nephrite Materials. Bilige Siqin, Rong Qian, Shangjun Zhuo, Fuxi Gan, Min Dong, Yanfen Hua

O11: Effect of Pulsing on Hydrogen Analysis with GD-OES. Arne Bengtson, Mats Randelius, Simone Weyler

O12: Sputter Rates in GDMS. Martin Kasik

O13: The GLADNET Catalogue of Glow Discharge Spectra: Part 1 finished! Zden?k Weiss, Edward B.M. Steers, Volker Hoffmann and Juliet C. Pickering

O14: rf Pulsed Glow Discharge – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry: Investigation of the Ion Source Design. Rosario Pereiro, Cristina Gonzalez, Marcos Bouza, Lara Lobo, Beatriz Fernandez, Jorge Pisonero, Nerea Bordel, Alfredo Sanz-Medel

O15: Imaging of the Glow Discharge Plasma. Volker Hoffmann, Maxim Voronov, Till Wallendorf, Swen Marke, Steven J. Ray, Andrew P. Storey, Gary M. Hieftje, Tobias Steingrobe, Wolfgang Buscher, Carsten Engelhard

Poster Presentations

P1: Applications of a Pulsed GD-MS. Joachim Hinrichs and Lothar Rottmann

 P2: Characterization of the spatial distribution of excited species at the prepeak and afterpeak time domains, in pulsed RF-GD-OES. R. Valledor, J. Pisonero, Th. Nelis, N. Bordel

 P3: Investigation of the spatial and temporal distribution of plasma excited species produced in Laser Ablation- Glow Discharge. R. Valledor, M. Tarik, J. Pisonero, N. Bordel, D. Günther

 P4: The ‘Hydrogen effect’ upon the analysis of copper, iron and titanium as observed by Glow Discharge Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (GD-TOFMS). James Whitby, Sohail Mushtaq, Peter Horvath, Edward Steers, Juliet Pickering, and Johann Michler

P5: Effect of added molecular gases H2, O2 and N2 (0-1%) on the Thermo Element GD ion signals with an argon discharge. Viktoria Weinstein, Edward  B.M. Steers  and Glyn Churchill

P6: Study of Ar/He mixed plasmas to probe the excitation and ionization processes in Grimm-type glow discharges. Sohail Mushtaq, Edward B.M. Steers and  Juliet C Pickering

P7: Glow Discharge Techniques in the Chemical Analysis of Photovoltaic Materials. S. W. Schmitt, C. Venzago, G. Gamez, B. Hoffmann, V. Sivakov, T. Hofmann, S. Christiansenand J. Michler

P8: Laser – Hollow Cathode Discharge Emission Spectroscopy for Direct Analyses. V. Steflekova, S. Karatodorov, P. Zahariev, V. Mihailov, D. Mihailova, J. van Dijk and M. Grozeva

Manufacturers’ Presentations

M1: Advances  in GDMS. Ekbal Patel

M2: Performance characteristics of the Nu Astrum, a new high resolution GD-MS. Sergey Ryabov, Andrew Burrows, Steve Guilfoyle

M3: New Techniques in GDOES (Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry) Open Up New Fields of Applications. Michael Analytis, Marina Henniger

M4: Isotopic depth profiles by GD spectroscopies: GD-OES and PP-TOFMS. Patrick Chapon, Sébastien Legendre, Agnès Tempez

M5: New Developments in Radio Frequency Glow Discharge and Near Surface Depth Profile Analysis. Kim Marshall, Ted Casper, Sara Casper, Greg Schilling, and Diane Goodman

M6: Element GD: Overview of Applications and New Developments.Joachim Hinrichs, Lothar Rottmann.