Forthcoming Events

The next major event in which EW-GDS will be involved is the European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectroscopy, EWCPS2025, to be held in Berlin 2nd to 7th March 2025. I, Peter Robinson, the current Chair of EW-GDS, am part of the Scientific Committee for the conference, and I aim to ensure that GDS has a strong presence in the event. We recently held the 6th International Glow Discharge Spectroscopy Symposium in Liverpool, UK, and we had 25 oral presentations and 16 posters, all related to GDS. So, there must be a wealth of information that can be shared at EWCPS2025.

If you want any general information about the Conference then please visit the web site or write to the organisers (details on the picture on this page). But if you think that you may be able to present your GD related work, either as a talk or as a poster, then please contact me on telling me a little about the area you are interested in presenting. I don’t need details at this early stage just some notes about your field of interest (MS, OES, Applications, fundamental plasma physics, etc……..)

Further details of the conference can be found by clicking here