Structure of EW-GDS

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The EW-GDS is controlled by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from various fields of Glow Discharge and from different countries within Europe. The Steering Committee has four major responsibilities:

  1. To promote the EW-GDS throughout Europe.
  2. To organise and coordinate the activities of the EW-GDS.
  3. To be responsible for the interchange of information within its membership.
  4. To organise international symposia dedicated to GDS.

Membership of the EW-GDS is open to any person living in Europe who has an active interest in Glow Discharge Spectroscopy or Spectrometry. Members may be scientists in fundamental or applied research, industrial users, instrument manufacturers, or in other related fields. Persons with no direct involvement in the field can become members at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

There is no membership cost for the EW-GDS. Each member will fund their own expenses relating to activities of the EW-GDS.

EW-GDS activities are coordinated by the Steering Committee and members from the participating countries. Each country represented carries one vote but may appoint two delegates. Decisions at meetings are by a simple majority, but at least five countries must be represented.

The Steering Committee elects a Chairman for a period of three years. Re-election is allowed. The Steering Committee should meet annually unless otherwise decided by the Chairman.

The members of the Steering committee at the time of writing (March 2018) were as listed below, along with the countries they represent.

Peter Robinson, UK.   [Chairman]
Volker Hoffmann, Germany
Petr Smid, Germany
Thomas Nelis, Switzerland
Myriam Madani, Belgium
Arne Bengtson, Sweden
Rosario Pereiro, Spain
Zdenek Weiss, Czech Republic
Philippe Guillot, France

Sadly, Nikola Sisovic, Serbia, passed away in March 2018, another sad loss to the GDS community. As a result there is a vacancy on the Steering Committee and anyone interested in joining us should contact Peter Robinson.