Payling Prize

The Payling Prize is given in recognition of outstanding work in the field of Analytical Glow Discharge and is in memory of Richard Payling who died tragically in a mountaineering accident in February 2004. During his career Richard did much to promote the technique of Glow Discharge, and also the awareness of the scientific community to these developments.

The prize is awarded to the young scientist who gives the best presentation during a meeting of the EW-GDS. It is a financial award, kindly sponsored by the manufacturers of Glow Discharge Instrumentation.

Winners of the Payling prize in previous years are:

2005. Presented at the Plasma Winter Conference, Budapest to Gerado Gamez, Indiana University, USA for work on Imaging by GD-OES.

2007. Presented at ECASIA, Brussels to Antonio Martin, University of Oviedo, Spain for work on Pulsed GD-MS

2009. Presented at CSI, Budapest to Michael Köster, TAZ GmbH, Eurasburg, Germany for work on Line Shift in GD-OES

2011. Presented at the Plasma Winter Conference, Zaragoza, Spain to Rebeca Valledor, University of Oviedo, Spain for work on Pulsed RF-GD-OES

2012. Presented at the EW-GDS meeting, Kingston-upon-Thames, UK to Chiara Modanese, NTNU, Norway for work on GDMS Analyses of PV Silicon Materials.

2013. Presented at the 2nd International Glow Discharge Spectroscopy Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, to Sohail Mushtaq, London Metropolitan University, UK for his work on small quantities of Oxygen in a Neon Discharge.